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A peak pose sequence helps in performing the target pose in a safe structured and systematic flow. At this point come back to Downward Dog and repeat entire sequence on the left side.


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Choose your peak pose.


Yoga Sequence Peak Pose. Oct 20 2019 – Explore Hillary Elaines board Yoga Peak Poses followed by 289 people on Pinterest. The thighs need to stay neutral at the hip. When taking flight in Bakasana feel a world of endless opportunities.

Opening up in front of you. The poses below are ideal for a peak pose themed lesson plan. She guides two students through a challenging fun flow while returning to the concept of steadiness and ease something that is very difficult to maintain in practice and in life.

Ive created a PDF with graphics for all the poses in an easy-to-follow format. Sample Yoga Sequence for a Headache Minimum time 25 minutes maximum time 45 minutes Balasana Childs Pose Have the student place her head on the floor or support her torso and head on a bolster positioned between her thighs. A peak pose is typically a relatively more advanced pose that requires a warm up efficient and smart sequencing so that pose after pose you get closer to the chosen peak pose.

Peak pose sequencing is style blind and can be adapted for multiple styles of yoga hatha vinyasa hot etc peak pose sequencing encourages teachers to be very specific clear and mindful in our use of asana. The Eagle Pose Sequence concludes with Pawanmuktasana Wind Release Pose unlike the traditional use of relaxing yoga pose like Savasana Corpse Pose. First of all look at the shape of the body in the peak pose.

Sequencing toward a peak pose is indispensable for creating both our own home practice and yoga classes for our students. To get more ideas for peak pose and themed yoga lesson plans take a look through the 2000 yoga poses within our Yoga Pose DirectoryIf you use the filter section bottom left of the directory. Over time as you practice with this gentle flow yoga sequence youll become more familiar with it and be able to do it from memory.

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But dont stop there. Below you may find more common examples of poses that you can teach as the peak pose of your yoga classes. With this familiar and beloved strategy we practice component actions often in increasing level of difficulty until arriving at the pose of greatest complexityin which all the component actions come together.

Begin with setting an intention for your practice warm up with sun salutes and then move into a sequence that includes balances strengthening poses for the abdomen and arms a headstand and twists. Typically peak poses are more advanced or challenging. In order to prepare the body for camel pose the following activations and lengthenings in the body need to be specifically addressed.

Each category of poses eg. The peak pose sequences given here towards any particular peak pose are sequence guides for yoga teachers to plan their own yoga sequences based on the kind of peak pose they want to target – whether it is a back bend forward bend balancing. Crow Pose Bakasana in Sanskrit is going to be our peak pose.

Determine the component parts of your peak pose. Try Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster. Our peak pose challenges teach you how to safely and confidently move into yogas most difficult poses.

This is important to avoid any injury to the body to perform the pose to the best of an individuals ability and to get the most benefit from the pose. We will take Wheel Pose Urdhva Dhanurasana as an example in this article. Her unique style and attention to detail makes Shivani the perfect teacher for a class with this theme.

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Lean to the right shift your weight onto your right leg and place the block on the floor about a foot in front of your right foot. Arm Balance poses can be turned into a yoga class theme for your yoga class. A part of the body that needs to be warmed up or educated in order to do the peak pose effectively.

The sequence uses the Eagle Pose as the Peak Pose. Peak pose sequencing has five steps. Youll approach the peak pose with a series of backbends and then follow the pose with restoring forward bends.

Also from our partner A Yoga Sequence to Balance the Mind. For example if your peak pose was Crow Pose Bakasana you could say something like this at the beginning of class. My Gentle Flow Yoga Sequence.

The bolsters long axis should be parallel to her torso. You can print it out and place it right next to your mat for reference. Sit comfortably and let the knees open to the sides drawing the soles of the feet to touch and the heels in toward the pubis.

Each one is a series of two to five classes designed to teach you how to acquire the strength flexibility and balance that are needed to accomplish the peak pose. Ardha Chandrasana Begin in a smaller version feet closer together of Utthita Parsvakonasana on the right side and with a block in your right hand. See more ideas about yoga poses yoga poses.

If youre a yoga teacher looking to get better at yoga sequencing then read on. Practice this peak pose for your students in more than two rounds followed by the cooling and relaxing yoga poses. Characteristics of Peak Pose Sequencing.

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Then throughout the class keep bringing up the theme. Deep back bends like Dancers Pose Natarajasana Wheel Urdhva Dhanurasana Camel Ustrasana. It is a backbend with the Hands and Feet as the Foundation of the pose.

It needs a considerable warm-up on most occasions. So here is a really easy way to look at sequencing a Peak Pose yoga class.

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