Yin Yoga Wall Sequence

Lie down on your back and place your feet up on the wall. Forward Fold BACK at wall 3 min Now begin to turn toward the wall and walk into a forward fold with your hips facing the center of the room.


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This Yin yoga sequence for the water element focuses on nourishing the kidneys with breath centred awareness and on stretching into the inner knees thighs and groin to stimulate the Kidney meridian.


Yin Yoga Wall Sequence. Take your time and lean into where you feel this most trusting that wall to support and uphold you even when it gets intense. Same options with the block and bending the knees. If youve never used a wall to do yoga this is a perfect calming beginner-friendly sequenceDo this 11-pose sequence to help you wake up in the morning to wind down in the evening after an.

As with all yin or restorative yoga practices I urge you to create an environment that feels welcoming relaxing and inviting to disconnect so you can reconnect. Twist to the right for one minute and to the left for one minute. Here is a five-pose sequence you can use with assistance from the wall.

Press into your feet to lift your hips up and slide a yoga block or pillow underneath your hips for support. You can very easily change the ambiance without doing much heres how. Butterfly Against the Wall.

The connection to the breath go hand in hand and that helps them to go slow and deep as they love respect and accept their body. For the paired energetic line of the Water element the Bladder meridian this Yin yoga sequence alternately compresses and decompresses the spine. Have the feet comfortably apart which for you may be approximately hip width apart.

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Side body especially your waist. Wear comfortable clothing that lets you breathe easy. This yin yoga sequence for the winter emphasizes forward folding which helps one to turn inward.

While each yin yoga pose usually affects multiple meridians at a time you can. The closer you are to the wall the deeper the stretch will feel in your hamstrings. Legs Up The Wall 4 minutes.

Bring your arms overhead bending your elbows and lightly clasping your wrists. In a regular yoga asana class this would be savasana or final relaxation. Hold 45 minutes then repeat on the other side.

Meridians are considered channels where Qi or the basic life force of the body flows. Yama Niyama httpsbitlyywkyama. Five minutes plus a one-minute counterpose on each side From sukhasana draw your right heel closer to your groins and extend your left leg out to the side.

Move your legs into a comfortable seated position like sukhasana easy pose. Keep one bolster up against the wall for the whole practice to use for the poses on the wall. The poses are often held for much longer than poses in hatha or power sequences with the goal of accessing deeper connective tissues as well as connecting with a more meditative state.

The wall can make Yin even more accessible for people with a variety of mobility ranges. Try to keep your left hip down and scoot your upper body to the left as well creating a banana shape. In the give yoga sequence the yoga poses are done using the wall to encourage students to be relaxed while connecting to their body and its limitations.

If you can manage to have the feet and knees wider than hip width apart the pose gets juicier. Hold here for a minute or maybe longer then roll up into tadasana against the wall to reconnect. Feel free to have a blanket block bolster or pillow near you to use throughout your practice.

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It also targets the Kidney and Urinary Bladder meridians in Chinese medicine. I like how you take several positions at a time for the left side of the body and then correspondingly on the right. Sit facing a wall with your knees bent and feet on the floor.

Starting from the legs straight up wall bend both knees and slide your feet down the wall. The reason I use you Nancy as my mentor for yin is how to make meditative yin yoga available to the body. Sit with your back against the wall.

Indulge in a restorative yin yoga class that uses the wall for every pose. But most of all I love the wall for Yin Yoga. When transitioning from legs up the wall to seated meditation take your time and move slowly to prevent dizziness and light-headedness.

This sequence is intended to improve immune functioning through lymph drainage along with the other typical benefits of a yin practice. See more ideas about wall yoga yoga yoga sequences. Jan 20 2021 – Explore Sonya Reddells board Wall Yoga on Pinterest.

Yin Yoga Sequence for 75 Minutes Have two bolsters cushions or pillows with you. Childs Pose 1 min. I teach various forms of yoga and yin.

I love using the wall to facilitate balance inversions resistance and play. Find a quiet spot near a wall with open space to begin your practice. NEW ONLINE COURSE Yoga Philosophy.

Keep one on the side for the poses that come away from the wall. For the yin yoga wall sequence return to legs up the wall. From here make your way into the legs up the wall sequence.

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Yin yoga also referred to as Daoist yoga involves sequences that go deep into the bodys tissues. Legs up the wall. I have practiced yoga for 22 years and been a yoga teacher for 11.

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