Viparita Karani Meaning

Karani meaning doing referring to a particular type of yoga practice. Intended from the beginning as a restful asana the name combines the Sanskrit word viparita meaning inverted or reversed and karani meaning to do or a particular practice.


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It gives a gentle stretch to your calf muscles thighs spine and your shoulders.


Viparita Karani Meaning. Viparita Karani Listed in. This Sanskrit term Viparita means Reverse and Karani means Action to achieve a work. Viparita Karani is pronounced as vip-par-ee-tahcar-AHN-ee.

Though the book was published in1934 shoulder stand was part of his teaching and practice well before its publication. Viparita karani is usually considered to be a restorative pose sequenced near the end of either a but viparita karani can also be practiced as a pose in itself. In modern yoga as exercise it is commonly a fully supported pose using a wall and sometimes a pile of blankets.

This asana helps you in numerous ways. In this post when I talk about Viparita Karani however I am referring to Legs Up the Wall Pose unless otherwise noted. Viparita Karani is done with the intention to gather the Soma and legs-up-the wall is practiced to remove tiredness fatigue from the legs or to reduce swelling.

Viparita inverted turned around reverse. It does not mean that it is a modern yoga posture. It means the practice of the yoga pose helps to overcome many dreadful diseases and disorders.

The word Viparita means turned around reversed inverted while the meaning of Karani is action. 11 Viparita Karani Definition. And mudra meaning seal or gesture.

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By comparison Viparita Karani means. Viparita turned round reversed inverted acting in a contrary manner Karani doing making effecting causing Karani relates to karana which is an alternate word for pose that we find in the old texts. Karani doing making action.

This pose was described in Yoga Makaranda of TKrishnamacharya in the year 1934. Viparita Karani Quick Facts While Viparita Karani is often used to refer specifically to Legs Up the Wall Pose it actually refers to any practice where you are upside-down. Summing up the meaning of root terms Viparita Karani means the Action of reversing.

It is one of the variants of Viparita Karani that was well described in the medieval yoga texts. Viparita Karani is a Sanskrit language word consisting of two words in which The first word is Viparita वपरत which means inverted and The second word is Karani करण which means Doing. Viparita karani is a Sanskrit term that denotes an act of inverting.

As per Gheranda Samhita it is the destroyer of all diseases. The name comes from the Sanskrit viparita meaning inverted or reversed. Viparita Daṇḍasana or Inverted Staff Pose is an inverted back-bending asana in modern yoga as exerciseIt may be performed with both feet on the ground or with one leg raised straight up.

Viparita Karani is often called Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose but viparita actually means inverted and karani means in action We can interpret that to mean that the pose inverts the typical actions that happen in our bodies when we sit and stand. It relieves you of tired cramped legs or feet. Viparita Karani Mudra In Sanskrit Viparita means inverted or reversed Karani means doing or making and Mudra means gesture This practice is a Kaya Mudra meaning postural gesture practice and is described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika Gheranda Samhita as well as Shiva Samhita.

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Mudra gesture seal pose. It can also be done with the help of the wall. Viparita Karani Mudra is an inversion pose that is also referred to as Inverted Lake Pose.

In Sanskrit viparita means inverted or reversed and karani means doing or making A lthough any inverting action is technically a viparita karani the term is most commonly used in yoga to indicate an asana known as legs-up-the-wall pose in English. Supta virasana is a pose that i have found especially helpful it is together with viparita karani mudra one of the most. Yoga for Respiratory System Yoga for Digestive System Yoga for Women Yoga for Joints and Arthritis Yoga for Blood Pressure.

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