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This is the supine variant of the Hero Pose which further stretches the hip flexors thighs and ankles. Strengthens and increases flexibility of legs thighs hips knees back pelvis and arms.


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It improves the functions of the respiratory and digestive systems.


Supta Kurmasana Benefits. The asana can assist in stretching and expanding the ribcage fully and this can make it possible for the lungs to expand to maximum capacity so that it can take in more oxygen. With the twist in Supta Matsyendrasana the spine gets a gentle massage giving room for improved flexibility of the spine at the lower back. DO NOT perform this pose unless you can sit your buttocks relatively easily on the floor between your feet.

Benefits of Kurmasana- It has a very good effect on the spinal column and nervous system. The abdominal part gets toned-up with this pose. Benefits Of Kurmasana Kurmasana improves the functioning of the digestive and respiratory systems It relaxes your neck head and shoulders It stimulates your abdominal organs and eases flatulence The pose releases the tight knots in the lumbar and sacrum areas of your body It improves your memory.

Performing this asana reduces lust fear and anger. The organs in the midriff abdomen are stimulated during this Asana. Begin by coming into Dandasana with your legs outstretched and hand beside your hips.

Being an intermediate level posture this pose is best suited to rectify several bodily ailments ranging from respiratory issues to arthritis. This asana calms menstruation and increases patience. By doing this asana body and mind gain new power.

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The previous pose Bhujapidasana requires strength and builds heat in the bodythe strength of Bhujapidasana helps to counter the flexibility required for kurmasana while the heat from Bhujapidasana helps to open the body for kurmasana. It also purifies the heart and lungs and eliminates ailments caused by imbalances of the kapha dosha The kanda is the hub where the spinal cord exits the spine and from which all 72000 nadis channels of energy which closely relate to our nervous system originate. Supta Kurmasana is the deepest forward fold of the Primary series.

It is a great stress buster. Kurmasana Tortoise Pose benefits. Supta Vajrasana effectively massages abdominal organs thus alleviating various forms of digestive ailments like Intestinal gas acidity diarrhea and constipation.

It lengthens the back muscles. It also helps with dealing with various sleep disorders like insomnia. Supta vajrasana is a variation of vajrasana and is an excellent pose for improving flexibility.

The final form with both legs crossed behind the head is best added after some degree of competency has been gained with the Intermediate series. Moreover after practicing the asana for a few days the tension would also be released from the lumbar and sacral region. Unlike matsyendrasana supta matsyendrasana is easy to perform and is also effective in relieving physical stress.

Supta matsyendrasana a variation of the seated pose matsyendrasana is performed lying down on the mat. Kurmasana is one of the core postures in Primary series it benefits are many. Some of the benefits of Tortoise Pose are as follows This asana relieves diseases like sugar stomach gas and constipation.

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The first two forms described here can be perfected during the course of learning the Primary series. Supta Virasana the reclining variation of Virasana is an intermediate pose. The lower part of the lungs are stretched during this pose and this aids in digestion and also helps people who suffer from asthma irritable bowel syndrome constipation flatulence.

While the tortoise pose yoga exercise helps to strengthen the spine it also relaxes the shoulders neck and head. It has several manifestations. Press your thigh firmly on the mat.

Pelvic Supta Kurmasana yoga sequences Supta Kurmasana is commonly found in the following types of yoga sequences. Top 5 health Benefits of kurmasana Tortoise Pose 1. Benefits muscles of core hips biceps and triceps.

Soup-tah veer-AHS-anna supta lying down reclining vira man hero chief compare Latin vir man the root of English words virile and virtue. Improves the flexibility of the spine at the lower back.

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