Sun Salutation Steps

Inhale arms back overhead and exhale hands to heart. Lengthen your spine open up your chest and bring your hands folded at the center of your chest.


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Step the right foot next to the right hand and then bring the left foot to join it in standing forward bend uttansana.


Sun Salutation Steps. In the final position only the toes knees chest hands and chin touch the floor. Below you will find the 12 poses of Sun Salutation A along with variations for a few of the poses. Inhale into Urdhva Hastasana and exhale to Tadasana.

Get a detailed workout breakdown and find related workouts. Sun Salutation starts with Pranamasana also called The Prayer Pose. Yoga Poses will be the mind and body places you are wanting to achieve via Yoga that are also known as Asanas.

As the first pose of Sun Salutation Pranamasana is a welcoming pose that helps to find a firm grip on the ground while bringing focus to your breath. This balanced sequence of 10 poses starting from Tadasana awakens the body beautifully keeping in mind not only the salutations for the Sun God but also the intense stretch for the body which is much. Guided by Brooklyn Yoga.

Sun salutation A and B are also a gentle warm-up for sun salutation C. In this video of Yogalates with Rashmi Ramesh learn how to do the 12 steps of Surya Namaskar. Pranamasana Prayer pose Stand at the edge of your mat keep your feet together and balance your weight equally on both the feet.

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Prayer Pose Pranamasana Start in a Standing position with feet together back straight and looking forward. Other simple stretches viz wrist rotations ankle rotations pointing and flexing the toes shoulder rolls knee flexion and extension and hip circles etc. However if you are just a beginner start off with at least 2 to 4 sets every day.

If this is not possible first lower the knees then the chest and finally the chin. The golden rule is the pose should fit the breath not the other way round. How to do Sun Salutation.

Some great benefits of practicing Yoga is principally to physical exercise strengthen and also tone a mans muscles and physical exercise your brain. A good Sun Salutation routine would mean 12 sets of it. Half Standing Forward Bend Ardha Uttanasana 5.

Sun Salutation A Step-by-Step Instructions. Surya Namaskar Steps to Follow. To finish the Sun Salutation step the right foot forward into a Lunge then inhale into Ardha Uttanasana and exhale into Uttanasana.

Samasthiti Tadasana Breathing Keep breathing normally Drishti Gaze The tip of the nose. Exhale back to Down Dog. Get easy step-by-step expert video instruction for Sun Salutations to improve Mobility Flexibility Breathing.

Stand straight at the edge of the mat with your feet joined together or shoulder-width apart. Align your knee over your ankle. Raised Hands Pose Urdhva Hastasana 3.

How to do Surya Namaskar Sun Salutation in 12 Steps. Standing Forward Bend Uttanasana 4. That basically means breath comes first in time your sun salutation sequence will consist of one breath per movement but until then make sure you are breathing evenly and not holding the breath.

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You may also choose to jump forward instead. Hastauttanasana Raised arms pose Step 3. Surya Namaskar is the perfect warm exercise before you start an.

A simple and effective series of Yoga Postures that invigorates the whole body. It is similar to the Indian way of greeting people. Hastapadasana Standing forward bend Step 4.

Lower the knees chest and chin to the floor. Bring your hands together at center into a prayer position and bring your gaze forward or close your eyes. Every set of Sun Salutation consists of 2 rounds – one on the right leg and another on the left leg.

Four Limbed Staff Pose. Step right foot forward to Crescent Lunge then bring left foot to meet right in Standing Forward Bend. Yoga Poses Sun Salutation A Steps.

This refers to performing 12 rounds of Sun Salutation on the right leg and another 12 rounds on your left leg. To do this bend the knees on an exhalation and jump your feet to meet your hands. Observe your body and breath.

Its pretty easy to lay out the steps for Surya Namaskar but that would leave out a lot of the important alignment cues that generally come with it. Hence in simple words its the act of bowing down to the natural creation the Sun which gives energy and life for all the living things around us including humans. In Sanskrit Surya means Sun and Namaskar means Salutations or bowing down.

Thigh stretches and gentle hip rotations also prepare the body for sun salutation C. The knees chest and chin should touch the floor simultaneously. This video explores the traditional Sun Salutation.

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