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Sirsasana or the head stand pose is the most important among inverted asanas. Astavakrasana – eight angle pose Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.


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Sirsasana or Supported Headstand is widely hailed at the King of yoga asanas.


Sirsasana A. In such cases as a yoga teacher you can introduce pose variations to further challenge a student who is finding a specific yoga pose easy or introduce an easier variation of a pose for the student who is finding the main pose hard. Janu Sirsasana Head to knee forward fold. One of the simplest Sirsasana variations is called Eka Pada Sirsasana pronounced ACHE-ah PAH-dah eka one pada foot or leg.

Salamba Shirshasana often shortened to Shirshasana or Yoga Headstand is an inverted asana in modern yoga as exercise. Janu sirsasana a b and c can all be thought of as seated yoga poses as well as hamstring in the a version of janu sirsasana the foot of the bent knee is placed against the inner thigh with the heel. Place the top of the head on the floor between the hands.

Stabilize your left leg perpendicular to the floor. Come into the pose. It is an asana but since it performs a special function its also a mudra Viparita Karani Mudra.

It is a headstand pose wherein your whole body becomes inverted. 12 Crow Pose Yoga How Long. Niralamba Sirsasana comes from the Sanskrits four words.

Sirsasana is an advanced inversion that exhibits strength control and the beauty of overcoming the fear of falling through physical and mental balance. Headstand Pose variations with base pose as Headstand Pose Salamba Sirsasana. Janu Sirsasana or Head-to-Knee Forward Bend is appropriate for all levels of student and a spinal twist to boot.

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It is also called Headstand pose which is one of the most important yoga poses. As students have varying abilities a given yoga pose may be easy for a particular student but hard for another. From Downward Facing Dog sit on your heels.

Place the elbows on the floor forearm distant interlace the fingers and bring the pinky in so it wont make you loose the balance. Tirumalai Krishnamacharya calls it the King of Asanas. One leg is bent with the knee out to the side and the body is folded forward over the other leg which is straight.

In Sanskrit the word sirsha means head and asana means pose. Sirsasana is one of the most useful asanas to promote mental peace and equanimity. Since it is an advanced pose you need to practice numerous other asanas before you can develop the strength and balance required to perform this asana perfectly.

The name is derived from the Sanskrit sirsa meaning head and asana meaning pose or posture In this asana the head and forearms rest on the mat with the hands clasped. Sirsasana is considered the king of all asanas and is usually done at the end of the yoga asana practices. Sirsasana which means roughly headstand in Sanskrit is a complete inversion in which the body is held upright by the arms with the feet in the air while the head rests on the ground.

In Sirsasana Sirsa means the head. It has been called the king of all asanas. The practice of this yoga pose helps in developing immunity.

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It was described as both an asana and a mudra in classical hatha yoga under different names. Exhale and lower your right leg parallel to the floor without disturbing the position of the left. In this yoga pose the body is completely inverted and held upright supported by the forearms while the crown of the head rests lightly on the floor.

Janu sirsasana A is a common posture in many styles of yoga practice and I would consider it a foundational posture for working on external hip rotation. Nira means without Lamba means support Sirsa means head and asana means pose or posture The translation of Niralamba Sirsasana into English is Unsupported Headstand. With practice and concentration you can master the pose and perform one of yogas most complicated inversions.

Access to external hip rotation is what well need if we want to eventually work towards half lotus and then potentially full lotus discussed more fully in Functional Anatomy of Yoga. Janu sirsasana A is a seated forward fold that also involves a slight spinal twist due to the asymmetrical positioning of the legs. Definition – What does Janu Sirsasana A mean.

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