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Aap Logo ke Liye Matsyasana Ke Fayde Labh In Hindi Ke Steps Benefits Modifications And Precautions In Hindi bataye gaye hai.


Matsyasana Benefits Hindi. Blood circulation is greater than before as your cervical thoracic and lumbar regions are stretched. Learn About Matsyasana Yoga In Hindi Fish Pose मतसयसन यग मछल मदर क बर म जन.

It increases blood supply to the head nourishing the pituitary and pineal glands. Which helps in asthma bronchitis and other respiratory problems. Matsyasana – and its Benefits Delhi-based yoga instructor and practitioner Seema Sondhi believes Matsyasana to be a complete pose in itself.

The stretched upper body allows unrestricted airflow thus providing extra oxygen into the lungs. It expands the bronchial tubes to permit easier breathing.

According to her it opens up the chest and relieves. Matsyasan naturally massages the congested parts of the neck and shoulders.

Your back muscles are also strengthened. In Matsyasan the thyroid and parathyroid endocrine glands receive plenty of blood.

Methods of matsyasana yog hindi. Method of simhasana Simhasana yog for good voice.

Matsyasana Benefits in Hindi. This is especially useful for asthma patients. In Sarvangasana the neck is bent well forwards whereas in the Matsyasan the neck is bent backward.

Matsyasana Benefits by regular practice. Matsyasana ka niyamit abhyas karne se pet ke sabhi rog dur hote hai.

Thyroid ke rogiyo ke liye bhi yeh aasan labhprad hai.

Yeh sharir ke posture ko improve karta hai. Iss Aasan Ke Labh Janiye.

Matsyasana is a good exercise for the stomach it activates the intestines and cures constipation. Physical Benefits Matsyasana mahtz-YAH-suh-nuh expands the chest cavity which in turn increases lung capacity and encourages deeper breathing. 3 In this asana your stomach engages due to which your weight loss starts.

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2 This pose makes your back strong if there is stiffness in your spine it helps to overcome it. The asana relieves the stiffness in the neck caused by Sarvangasana. Matsyasana benefits- 1 This pose makes your neck and shoulder strong and flexible.

Isse raktabhisran ki gati badhti hai natijan charm rog nahi hota hai. Madhumeh ke rogiyo ke liye yeh aasan faydemand hai.

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