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Only You Know How You Feel. This Asana stimulates and regulates all the bodys systems.


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This can disrupt the natural flow of menstruation Preliminary poses Certain asanas will help you build the strength alignment and core stability needed for a headstand.


Headstand During Period. The only reason why some senior teachers avoid headstand for menstruating women is because they might have cramps or nausea during the first days. In headstand or other inversions the thinking goes gravity will pull your menstrual flow away from your vagina and toward your fallopian tubes increasing the risk of retrograde menstruation and. Maybe you will find that backbends or twists adversely affect your period.

Timothy McCall has written that inversions of a minute or less are unlikely to be problematic. And that exercising during your menstruation can ease any discomfort when you are menstruating. ALL asanas during your period.

In earlier days and in some rural villages these days still menstruating women were seen as very impure. Try cobra bow camel noose cat and fish poses to improve circulation to the reproductive organs and ease fatigue pain and anxiety. What does it feel like to you.

Helps to counter problems related to menopause. In modern times some claim that inverting during your period can result in retrograde menstruation which has been theorized to cause endometriosis. Doing yoga inversions like headstand or shoulder stand depends on how comfortable you are doing these during periods.

Pay attention to how you respond to inversions indeed ALL asanas during your period. Yoga doesnt only relieve period cramps it also improves mood and lowers anxiety. 2 Yoga Poses to Relieve Menstrual Cramps.

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They werent allowed to engage in prayer or any other religious activity. To be honest most women will say probably not in answer to that last one. Another reason youre told to avoid inversions during your period is because they literally cause your uterus to shift in the direction of your head.

What messages are you receiving from your body. If your energy is very low restorative poses may be just the ticket though you may find a more active sequence of standing. If your energy is very low restorative poses may be just the ticket though you may find a more active sequence of standing poses alleviates cramps and the blues.

1 7 yoga poses to avoid when youre on your period. When you are on your period apana is the predominant energy in your body. A short Headstand may be fine while a longer one isnt.

As my practice became more mature I realized that inversions were only the most extreme example of poses that contradicted apana. The blood cannot flow anywhere else due to the valves in the veins. Is your yoga teacher telling you not to practice inversions like headstand handstand and shoulder stands when you are on your period.

The belief that during menstruation a woman is in a cleansing period and should not participate in any spiritual practice is very dominant. This increases the flow of blood within your. As per Yoga in the Daily Life Shirshasana headstand increases blood supply to the head therefore is beneficial for brain function and all sensory organs in the head eyes ears etc.

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Maybe you will find that backbends or twists adversely affect your period. However Yoga Journals medical editor Dr. Headstand is not advised during menstruation or in cases of high blood pressure hiatal hernia heart palpitations or glaucoma.

Many students have been taught that inverting during menstruation ie practicing poses such as handstand forearmstand headstand or shoulderstand is unhealthy and unsafe and that it should be strictly avoidedonly to then practice with another instructor who says that doing inversions during menstruation is just fine. What about women who already have endometriosis or those who have a family history of the disease. A short Headstand may be fine while a longer one isnt.

Get a feel for what is going on. You can spend hours standing on your head during your period and it wont make a difference. This could have contributed to the symptoms I experienced after practicing Headstand.

Do you think it wise to move into a headstand. Going upside down contradicts the downward apana flow. Improves memory and the ability to concentrate.

While there are many yoga poses that are suitable to practice during menstruation some people believe that upside-down or inverted poses such as handstand headstand and full wheel are better avoided because of the heavy load they place on the ligaments and the risk of increased bleeding. You should not practice head stand during menstruation this is a common myth among female practitioners. Though nicknamed king of all the asanas Yoga headstand is most.

Adopt a familiar partial inversion like Downward Dog Pose during your period and tune in to your abdomen. Yet when you ask other people if you should you do handstands on your period they tell you its absolutely fine.

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