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The name Salamba Shirshasana is derived from Sanskrit words Salamba means supported Sirsa means head and asana means posture or. Practicing it has lots of benefits.


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This post requires long hamstrings flexible spine and shoulders and solid upper body strength.


Headstand Asana. It speeds up the blood circulation and ensures that the brain receives sufficient well-oxygenated blood. Headstand Sirsasana has been called The King of Asanas. Headstand can be a terrific asana for your mind and body.

Editor October 7 2016 Blog Yoga Guru No Comments. This fantastic pose shifts our perspective so we can come out physically and mentally refreshed. Here the head lies below the heart ie.

Beginners may also want to practice in pairs until acquiring enough confidence to perform the pose solo. Headstand is a challenging hatha yoga asana where the body is inverted and balanced on the head and forearms. However you must exercise it with a lot of caution to avoid cervical spine injury.

Reversing the effects of gravity brings many benefits to the body and mind. Beginners may choose to use a wall as a prop when performing the headstand to facilitate the pose until enough balance has been acquired to stand alone. However soon or later this genre of debating comparisons always introduces the critical BUT.

Sirsasana is regarded as the King of all 84000 different asanas present in the Yoga book. It is one of the main postures in Hatha Yoga. It was described as both an asana and a mudra in classical hatha yoga under different names.

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This Yoga asana awakens your spiritual awakening deep down in the sense of your brain. Headstand is a pose that is an inversion posture of standing head down. The following people should not practice Shirshasana.

Opposite of the usual body posture or any standing asana like tadasana. The Headstand which is called Shirshasana in yoga is one of the best ways to see the world upside down because here what you get in return is health. Sirsasana or a yoga headstand can be an energizing pose.

Check out the video to know who should not do headstandHeadstand can improve upper body strength flex. Sirsasana also is known as the headstand pose which is practised as the first asana after Pranayama and Surya Namaskar. This honor is bestowed on the pose because of all the rich benefits offered by the posture.

The Worlds Yoga Network. Often referred to as the king of yoga postures Sirsasana I Headstand can be a refreshing and energizing inversion that when practiced consistently builds strength in the upper body and core. Headstand Headstand has also known as Sirsasana and King of all the asanas.

Being in shape is not Yoga. Sirsasana or Headstand or Salamba Shirshasana is an intermediate level asanaSirsasana is an extremely therapeutic yoga posture and it is also called as king of all the asanas. Doing this incorrectly can cause an injury to the body.

Since the headstand yoga is an advanced posture in yoga practicing and learning this asana should be under the guidance of an instructor or a yoga teacher. Salamba Shirshasana often shortened to Shirshasana or Yoga Headstand is an inverted asana in modern yoga as exercise. Yoga pose performed at Los Angeles United States on YogaTrail.

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The rhetoric then goes that other schools having so and so many stages for liberation or for god or ultimate reality are only able to reach medium stages within the. The headstand Yoga pose is known as the king of all asanas due to its multiple health benefits. Its also one of the more difficult poses to master and if done incorrectly can cause serious injury.

Make sure that the body is conditioned before doing this posture. The risk of harm heightens when you practice headstand with poor techniques and alignment or over-repetition. Standing on your head holding your position keeping your head and body aligned is not an easy yoga asana to do but if you succeed in this you are gifting your body with strength.

Even though Headstand is a challenging pose it is very popular due to its numerous benefits. Headstand is a Hatha Yoga asana posture where the practitioner stands balances on the head with the support of the arms. Shirshasana influences each and every single part of your body and makes you strong enough.

It has been called the king of all asanas. What is Shirshasana Headstand Pose In ancient yogic texts Shirshasana Headstand Pose is described as the king of all yoga poses due to its amazing physical psychological and mental health effects on the body. Check out the amazing Headstand by Lamonte Goode.

It tends to be the first inversion that most students learn as it has one of the most stable foundations for flipping ourselves upside down. It is an inverted position where the head is on the ground and the feet are up. As mentioned Headstand is referred to as the King of Asanas or King of Poses.

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