Cobra Position Exercise

Lie down on your belly and place your face in such a manner that your chin touches the ground. To enter the pose lie down on the stomach with legs stretched out behind and the tops of the feet on the ground with toes pointed.


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Cobra Position Exercise. For Cobra Pose lie down on your abdomen and point your feet behind you. To begin the exercise bend your elbows bring your hands under your shoulders and lift your chest and torso off the floor. This video covers the Cobra yoga pose that will create more flexibi.

It is an excellent pose for increasing the flexibility of the spine as well as reducing back pain. Beginning the Cobra from the Plank position is asking for troublethe Plank is an advanced move that challenges even those with no back problems at all. When you perform the cobra you stretch the front of the torso and the spine.

During the entire motion keep your fingers spread wide glutes activated and balls of your feet kicked into the ground. Begin in prone position on the floor with legs together and feet pointed. Step 2Place your palms underneath your shoulders.

Gaze upwards and keep your abdominals engaged. To do the cobra exercise which is based on the cobra pose in yoga first lie down on your stomach so that your torso thighs and tops of your feet are firmly planted on the floor. Place Forearms on the Floor Another way to modify the Cobra for safety is to place your forearms on the floornot just your palms.

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Place hands under shoulders and squeeze your elbows against the body. Bhujanga the Sanskrit word for snake is derived from the root bhuj which means to bend or curve. Step 1Begin lying down on your stomach with your feet slightly apart.

When practiced appropriately Bhujangasana Cobra Pose and all of its fantastic yoga pose variations can be an important yogic exercise for creating and maintaining back and neck health. How to Perform the Cobra Pose. When you have finished practicing Cobra youll want to balance your energy by practicing Balasana Childs Pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana Downward-Facing Dog Pose for several breaths until you feel calm again.

Five Ways You Can Protect Your Neck in Cobra Pose 1. Engage the muscles of your lower back buttocks and thighs. Bring your hands next to your chest and engage the gluteals and back muscles as you curl the chest up away from the floor supporting the shape with your arms.

Ab Workout for Women. Bring your elbows under your shoulders with your forearms on the floor and your. If you practice it incorrectly however you can create the very neck issues youre trying to prevent.

Tuck your arms close against your ribs too. Extend your legs and plantar flex your ankles toes point away from body. Lie on your stomach with your legs extended behind you.

But in physiotherapy we called it Mackenzie exercises. Cobra pose or bhujangasana is a back bend that stretches the muscles in the front of the torso the arms and the shoulders. How To Do The Prone Cobra Exercise Lie face down on the ground with your arms out to your sides making a T-shape with your body.

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Its a modern yoga exercise a reclining back-bending asana. Step 3Lengthen through your tailbone and start to pull your chest forward. Bhujangasana is easy to learn.

Cobra pose is a gentle backbend practiced from a face-down position that warms and strengthens the spine while opening the chest. Lie prone on your stomach on an exercise mat or floor with your hands by your sides positioned directly under your shoulders and hands facing forward. Leon Turetsky NASM-CPT NASM-CES Last Updated.

The cobra posture is a common Yoga back bend.

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